Calypso Lemonades, the originator of the Flavored Lemonade category, has evolved from four lemonade blends
into twelve unique combinations over the past fourteen years. Each Calypso Lemonade is produced with a focus
on quality using Pure Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors and Real Lemon Bits.

Roll over the lemon slices with the name of Calypso Lemonade flavors below to learn more about when the flavor
was created, how we came up with the name and why this flavor was added to the line.
Calypso Lemonades
Fun Fact; the popularity of the flavors are ranked based on the size of the lemon slice. The bigger the slice the more popular it is.

Each of our distributors across the United States and Canada determine which flavors of our Calypso Lemonades they would like to carry for their market area.
If you cannot find a certain flavor in your area, it is best to make a flavor request to store managers where Calypso products are sold and ask them to pass along
your request to the distributor. The bigger the buzz for a particular flavor, better chance of that flavor making its way into the market area.

We do not sell our lemonade online or directly to consumers. If interested in purchasing by the case, it is best to ask a store manager at retail locations carrying
our products if they are able to sell our products in bulk.

All flavors of Calypso Lemonades are gluten free.